• Hi everyone,

    I consider myself a novice in systems administration and have been trying to setup a GPO for a client for the past 3 days. I've finally given up on using Google and asking my tech buddies about this because all suggestions have failed.

    Short story long, a client I work for has asked that the new 43 desktops that we've deployed have UAC enabled to were if a user tries opening Task Manager it prompts for admin credentials. Before starting this small project I was told the the terminal servers some users work off of has this setup so being the "smart" guy I am I search through the GPO configured on the DC to see which GPO has this setup so I can duplicate it on but I found absolutely NOTHING in the existing GPOs that would do this. After some extensive googling (most forums where techs asking how to disable this feature so they DON'T get the prompt (OH! how lucky they are to have it setup how I want it)) I found a the following link that seemed to have exactly what I needed (link: After setting this up I was sure it would work and all would be well... oh how wrong I was. I tried almost every configuration of these UAC GPO setting doing a gpupdate /force and reboot after each time and gpresult /r to make sure the rule was being applied. All this and still nothing.

    NOTE: Because all 43 Windows 10 (build 1803) machines are in use and I can't test it on these system while people work I have been doing my testing on one of the Terminal Servers running Windows Server 2012 R2 (build 9600).

    PLEASE someone help me before I go crazy with this task. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read my lengthy tales of frustration.

    Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2018 15:47

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