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  • So i had PC from Friend, which has Data on it and all stuff,

    there was second hard Drive (HDD 160 GB) which i mean it was NTFS about 149.8 GB with 22-30 gb Photos on it (Just Folders and Photos).

    So i just swapped it from the old win 7 PC to the new PC with win 10 1909 on it. And now its detected as OEM Partition with no letter and the partition is big as the HDD is big.

    So how can this happen? Even after i switch them back to the old PC it's detected as OEM Partition. Diskpart is not showing any other volumes on it.

    How can i now retrieve data on broken partition/table ? I can find anything simliar to this topic only "A oem partition is showing as letter" but thats not my problem.

    Freitag, 7. Februar 2020 07:33


  • Hi,

    first of all, this is the german board, so creating threads in german ist appreciated =)

    Sounds like the partitiontype has changed. Why? dunno!

    You can change it, but you have to know the original type and parameters.

    But at first, I would try to save the data with an linux live stick.

    You can change the type by opening powershell. Enter

    ->list disk
    ->select disk
    ->set id....

    this is, how set id works


    Freitag, 7. Februar 2020 08:36