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  • Hi, this article

    High Availability using SQL Server Always On Availability Groups

    says the following about MSDTC among BizTalk databases in the same SQL Server instance in a AlwaysOn High Availability Group:

    "MSDTC between databases on same SQL Server instance is not supported with SQL Server AlwaysOn"

    Is this true? SQL Server 2016 adds support for ...WITH DTC_SUPPORT = PER_DB on creation of the AG. According to the documentation, this allows DTC among databases in the same instance.

    So, I do NOT need to distribute BizTalk databases among different instances and can have all 9 default databases in the same instance in the same AOAG, correct?

    Would be great, if somebody could sched some light on this - I commented the page but nobody answered...

    Thanks a lot for your effort.

    Donnerstag, 26. Oktober 2017 11:39