Exchange 2010 Migration to Exchange 2016 - Failed to convert the source mailbox to mail-enabled user after the move. RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    at the moment I'm facing the following problem:

    We are trying to move a lot of Hosted Exchange 2010 Mailboxes to Exchange 2016. The connection between these Exchanges is working fine, trust is also established and the PrepareMoveRequest Script copies the AD-user to the new Active Directory. But if I try to finally move the mailbox, I get the error message "Failed to convert the source mailbox '' to mail-enabled user after the move. Attempt 0/480. Error: UpdateMovedMailboxPermanentException"

    I think this error message relates to the fact, that the Exchange 2010 is running in Hosted Exchange mode. Inheritance is not disabled and the proposed way from Microsoft, to finalize the move manually ( is not option for us.

    Any ideas?

    Freitag, 24. Januar 2020 08:53


  • Hi,

    unfortunatly i cant see any other way... the main issue is that there is no posibility for the Migration batch to modify the configuration of the onPrem Mailbox. So all you can do is:

    - Assign the required permissions on onprem ad to allow the migration batch modify the attributes

    - Modify the attributes afterwards manually (or by a script)

    I cant see any other way (except to export the Mailbox to PST file :-) )



    Dienstag, 28. Januar 2020 16:07