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  • Hi,

    we have some problems when we try an inplace-upgrade from a german scom 2007 r2 cu5-installation.
    (German OS, German SQL, German SCOM)

    we have done all the steps that ar discribed in the update-check-list, also the upgrade-helper-management-pack.

    it seems like the update-process starts, but after some time, the wizzard end with "Upgrade is incomplete" and all steps are marked as failed.

    In the OpsMgrSetupWizard.log we can find this. Maybe it can help to find the error:

    15:42:18]: Info: :SetupHelpers : CloseProcess() - GetProcessesByName did not return any process
    [15:42:18]: Info: :could not kill the process Microsoft.Mom.UI.Console.exe
    [15:42:18]: Info: :Info:preparing for MS upgrade
    [15:42:18]: Info: :Detected MOM product with ProductCode {26D71F0F-82B4-418B-96AC-BB9E54CED283}
    [15:42:18]: Always: :uninstalling product with product code: {26D71F0F-82B4-418B-96AC-BB9E54CED283}
    [15:42:18]: Info: :Info:uninstall commandline =  /i {26D71F0F-82B4-418B-96AC-BB9E54CED283} MOMV3_PRODUCT_FOUND=1  PREREQ_COMPLETED=1 REMOVE=MOMServer  /qn /l*vx "C:\Users\scomadmin\AppData\Local\SCOM\Logs\RemoveMOMServer.log"
    [15:42:18]: Debug: :GetFullPathBasedOnSetupLocation: Attempted to resolve a file at E:\Setup\AMD64\ but it wasn't found there.  Will return an empty string.
    [15:42:18]: Debug: :InstallItem.GetFullPath did not resolve a path with inputs SetupLocation, ,
    [15:42:19]: Debug: :CheckMsiMutex: Msi mutex is not in use.
    [15:42:19]: Debug: :LaunchMsi: Turning off the internal UI for .
    [15:42:19]: Debug: :LaunchMSI:  Enable logging for the MSI at C:\Users\scomadmin\AppData\Local\SCOM\Logs\RemoveMOMServer.log.
    [15:42:19]: Debug: :LaunchMsi: MSI  is not in silent mode.  Setting the external UI.
    [15:42:19]: Always: :LaunchMsi: Launching
    [15:42:19]: Always: :launching msiexec
    [15:42:19]: Always: :LaunchExeSetup: Starting process: C:\Windows\system32\msiexec.exe  /i {26D71F0F-82B4-418B-96AC-BB9E54CED283} MOMV3_PRODUCT_FOUND=1  PREREQ_COMPLETED=1 REMOVE=MOMServer  /qn /l*vx "C:\Users\scomadmin\AppData\Local\SCOM\Logs\RemoveMOMServer.log" REBOOT=ReallySuppress
    [15:42:19]: Debug: :====================================== Following is the standard output for C:\Windows\system32\msiexec.exe ======================================
    [15:44:01]: Debug: :====================================== Standard output for C:\Windows\system32\msiexec.exe Complete ======================================
    [15:44:01]: Always: :LaunchExeSetup: Complete: 103 seconds
    [15:44:01]: Always: :LaunchExeSetup: Failed, return code: 1603
    [15:44:01]: Always: :MsiInstallProduct finished for msi .
    [15:44:02]: Always: :LaunchMsiSetup: Complete: 103 seconds
    [15:44:02]: Error: :LaunchMsiSetup: Failed, return code: 2
    [15:44:02]: Error: :Error:Failed to uninstall previous MOM product on this machine, cannot proceed with upgrade
    [15:44:02]: Error: :Error:Failed to uninstall Server
    [15:44:02]: Error: :Error:Failed to uninstall R2 server, this is a fatal error
    [15:44:02]: Error: :ProcessInstalls: Install Item Initial Configuration failed to install.  We did not launch the post process delegate.
    [15:44:02]: Always: :SetErrorType: Setting VitalFailure. currentInstallItem: Initial Configuration
    [15:44:02]: Info: :SetProgressScreen: FinishMinorStep.
    [15:44:02]: Always: :!***** Installing: OMDATABASE ***
    [15:44:02]: Info: :ProcessInstalls: Rollback is set and we are not doing an uninstall so we will stop processing installs
    [15:44:02]: Always: :****************************************************************
    [15:44:02]: Always: :****Starting*RollBack*******************************************
    [15:44:02]: Always: :****************************************************************
    [15:44:02]: Info: :SetProgressScreen: StartMinorStep.
    [15:44:02]: Always: :ProcessRollback: Skipping rollback for install item Initial Configuration as it was not successfully installed.
    [15:44:02]: Always: :****************************************************************
    [15:44:02]: Always: :****Ended*RollBack**********************************************

    After we close the Upgrade-Wizzard, the System Center Data Acess- and the System Center Management Configuration-Service can not start.

    We have to do a "repair" with the installutil.exe from the .net-framework-sdk. After we have done this, the services can start.

    Hope that someone has an idea, what is wrong.

    Thanks to all.

    Regards Stefan

    Dienstag, 17. Juli 2012 06:08


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