Offline folders disconnects and reconnects continusly


  • I tell you, We have a domain with functional level 2016, several servers Windows Server 2016 acting as RDS and a few portable computers with Windows 10 Pro. Our users have enabled the redirection of folders to a network resource and connect other network resources to the same file server. In the resource where the folders are redirected, Offline Files is enabled and the problem is that, although there are no network connection losses or low speed connection detection, in the offline file log it is recorded that very often the resource is it disconnects and reconnects for no apparent reason and in the Windows Explorer it is seen that the files and folders are disconnected although you can normally access the rest of shares of the same file server, and this prevents the normal development of our users' work and causes many offline files's conflicts to solve...

    I have been looking for information and I found a thread some years ago with exactly the same problem but with Windows 7 clients ae61-522905827737/offline-folders-constantly-transitioning-to-offlinedisconnected-state?forum=w7itpronetworking without a solution. On the other hand it was commented that the problem could come from the rdbss.sys file version, but I have not found a satisfactory solution for our environment. If someone can help us, we'll be grateful.

    Thank you.
    Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2018 07:16

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