Visio Click-To-Run registry modify/delete when it uninstall


  • Hi,
    I am facing a problem of registries reading/writing with Visio which is installed by the click-to-run installer. I have developed an add-in in form of vsl which run in visio. My add-ins read, writes and deletes the registry, but click-to-run visio redirect to its own path or hive. so that my other products (many) can not found those registries to the actual path.

    To resolve the registry redirection problem I have two workarounds but both have their disadvantage. Let me share with you.

    Workaround-1 : 
    - I have created a windows service which continuously syncs redirected registries to actual path and visa versa. So my other products can read it simultaneously.
    - Problem: I have tested this service on a different machine where I have found service is not working at all, my other products not found registries in a timely manner. Because sync operation takes more time to copy registries than my other products acquire to reads it. In high configure system it runs well.

    Workaround-2 :
    - If I create symbolic link registry to where click-to-run visio redirect registries, then there is not any issue of a different system, my all products run well and read, writes and deletes registries in a timely manner.
    - Problem : when visio gets upgraded my symbolic link registry may deleted, which impact my actual registry also deleted and all products are dead to work. I have tested in un-installing visio it really click-to-run hive which contains my symbolic link, so finally, I lost my original registry. I have not the latest backup of my actual registry. so if I reinstall visio I can not able to see my products work well.
    - I have no idea when to get notification of visio upgrade or office un-installation events which delete the symbolic link, I want my actual registry not get deleted.

    Can you give me your suggestions and recommendations?
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    Freitag, 22. Juni 2018 12:56

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  • Hi Anu,

    What's registries do you want to reading? Maybe you can find the detailed registry keys for Visio click-to-run and develop the add-ins for click-to-run specially.

    Best Regards,
    Winnie Liang

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    Montag, 25. Juni 2018 06:50
  • Hi Winnie,

    I want to read registres which my Visio add-ins had created. I want to read those registries from my other products which run in the separate process than add-ins (Visio.exe). I can't make changes into my other products for manipulating registries (read, write, update and delete). Can you make any suggestion for workaround-2? Do you have any other ways? 

    Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2018 12:40