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  • I have been following the Linuc ICs in the kernel's staging area which improve the (not official) support of Linux as guest OS quite much. Since 2.6.35 a Linux guest feels almost in par in terms of integration (e.g. shutdown) and performance (vSMP, yay!) with Windows guests. The drivers have improved a lot since their first integration in staging. How are your experience in terms of stability of the hv_* modules in non-commercial Distro (RHEL or SLES)?

    I'm asking since I've experienced following on our production hosts with Ubuntu Server LTS 10.04 as 64-bit guest and wanted to check if my experiences are similar to what others are getting in daily or test setups.

    On R2 Host:

    • In general integration works well, I'm serious, it's real change since the HV RTM release. :-)
    • vSMP with 2.6.35 and .36 work well (using custom-built mainline kernel that built with copy of ubuntu's kernel konfig of "-virtual" kernel image)
    • blkvsc and storvsc are quite stable, no issues so far. Yes: They do make Storage IO faster.
    • netvsc can sometimes lose its VMBus channel, shutdown is required to get VMBus connection back alive - reproducable with a cat of a large file over SSH, but I can transfer lots of files over an Apache server without issues. I have seen there were quite a lot of changes that will are already included in .37-rcX.
    • LVM can moan a bit about double physical devices since hv seems to load the drives as hdX instead of more modern style sdX but that's not a problem.

    On R1 host:

    In terms of functionality it's almost in par with R2 but I do have the strong feeling that te MS developers (Haiyang Zang and Hank Jannssen) have optimized hv drivers for R2 version of the hypervisor. The block io drivers are really unreliable - sometimes the VMBus crashes leaving Linux without drivers. The VM only recovers after a power off of the VM and a fresh start of it so VMBus get initialized properly. - Therefore my experience was that Linux VMs under R1 have to run without integration to be stable.

    How about your experience?

    Donnerstag, 18. November 2010 10:18