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  • Hi folks

    We are using an Exchange Server 2013, where we have an email address policy implemented.

    "https://%fqdn-exchangeserver%/ecp - Nachrichtenfluss - E-Mail-Adressrichtlinie"

    Unfortunately, the implemented E-Mail Address Policy creates always smtp-addresses with capital letters; for example Firtname.Lastname@$ We wonna have all e-mail addresses is small letters, for example firstname.lastname@$

    As i wrote in one of my other treads, in Exchange Server 2010 there was a possibility to modify the policy using the parameter


    I've tried to set the same policy in Exchange Server 2013, but i'm not able to set the policy because in the field, where i can set the e-mail-adress-format, is not enough space to set the parameter. I can set only


    and then ... fini, finito. No more space left to set additional letters.

    Does anyone have a idea?

    Thanks for help.

    Samstag, 20. April 2013 23:18


  • If i use the the "alias" for the policy, it works. So there is no need to set an additional policy.
    Case closed

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    Samstag, 20. April 2013 23:38