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  • Hello.

    We have an tricky issue at one of our customer: When a SfB Client sets forward functionality, the forward function takes minutes until it works. The client itself shows immediate the forward Setting, but it takes many minutes to work.
    There is nothing we can see at the servers eventlogs.

    We also have Polycom VVX phones in the SBA/SBS environment. There is another issue when a user adds a favourite contact in his buddy list (on the PC), the contact appears many minutes later on the phone (logged in with the same AD user, no BToE).

    The environment: SfB pool with CU3 an a Survivable Branch Server (SBS/SBA in a virtual environment). The SBS runs with SfB CU3 too. Win Server 2012 R2.

    There is an old Lync 2013 environment too, the CMS is homed on an SQL server in the old environment, two fileshares (one for Lync 2013, one for SfB 2015). The MS SQL Express versions are pretty actual.

    The issue happens ONLY by the users, who are homed on the SBA. Users that are homed on the SfB pool direct are working well.

    We suspect there is a database replication issue, but there are no events log entries, neither in the Lync 2013 pool servers, nor in the SfB Pool servers, nor in the SBA pool server.

    Does anyone has an idea?


    Montag, 2. Januar 2017 11:43

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  • Hi.

    Just to make it round: We updated the Lync2013 environment with the latest CU. After that we deleted the SfB SBA with the Topology Builder and recreated a new SfB SBA, reinstalled the SfB 2015 SBA on a new WinServer 2012 R2 (new hostname) and installed the SBA role on it.
    After that all works fine.


    Sonntag, 23. April 2017 09:33