How to estimate the size of daily increase of data on the DPM database?


  • Hello,

    Was wondering how to estimate the daily increase of size of the DPM SQL database?

    For example -

    Protected by DPM:

    100 x application servers

    10 x SQL databases

    10 x exchange mailboxes

    1 x daily backup.

    data stored to a VTL.


    Regards Peter

    Freitag, 6. Juli 2018 03:09

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  • Hi Peter,

    There is no real guideline that will tell you how large you should expect your DPM database to be.
    This is driven by a couple of major factors like; retention range and what type of data you are keeping.

    It is normal for sure that these can grow to be quite large, and I regularly see them over 100GB, so a large DPMDB is not something to necessarily worry about.

    Also note that if tape backups are used, and if they are kept for multiple years, this can lead to a large amount of data retained in the DB.

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    Freitag, 6. Juli 2018 06:35