Unable to block Sticky notes from opening via GPO on Windows 10


  • Hello, 

    I have been searching and I still not getting an answer that works. Where I work there is a project that requires specific security settings to be enabled and prevent APPs or programs to run on Windows 10. Since the version 1703, including 1709, Sticky Notes no longer can be "blocked" from opening.

    I have tried this the suggestions on a previous technet posts and others as well, but none seems to prevent sticky notes from opening.

    Also, tried to uninstall the app from "Settings-Apps-Apps &Features" but it is grayed out... but you still can launch it. 

    I've tried to reset from advanced link from the apps and features, but it still can be opened.

    Running gpresult shows the GPO being applied and the "Microsoft.StickyNotes.exe" and "stikynot.exe" listed with other list of disallowed applications, and those other applications are being blocked (as it should), giving the end user the "error" message about the application is being disabled and they need to contact the system admin.

    Any thoughts on how to PERMANENTLY disable or uninstall Sticky Notes?  

    PS: there was a response from a moderator on a different post questioning the person why they wanted to remove or prevent and I'm quoting here "such a helpful application from being opened?" ...  so, please... don't even bother to ask me that question without reading the whole post about why I'm trying to prevent from running.

    Thank you

    Donnerstag, 12. Juli 2018 00:15

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