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  • I recently run in a big Problem. I updated a Server
    from 2008R2 to 2012R2. The Setup told me some Problems like HD Space, iSCSI
    Driver not compatible, Forrest prep.

    Ok I fixed that Problems and the Setup told me All
    clear but i have to check if all APPS are compatible.

    OK, i didn't used any Apps and started the Setup.

    After a while the Setup crashed and did a
    rollback, or better to say, it tried to do a rollback, as the old Win2008R2
    didn't come back instead I got a boot error Windows\System cannot be

    OK, doesn’t matter. I did install 2012R2 as clean
    Setup from CD.

    That worked, but at the end, I lost my Storage
    Box (HP MSA20) connection, as neither HP nor Microsoft provide a Driver for the
    needed Array Adapter Smart Array 6400 !!

    I was able to install the Windows 2008R2x64 Driver, but it isn't starting.

    So I have now a running System with 2012R2 (and it
    runs stable and fast!) but without my storage.

    Anyone out there who found a working Driver for a
    SmartArray 6400 for 2012 or R2?

    Very bad to find out after Setup finished !!!


    regads, A. Jacubowsky

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