Creating different protected views based on a common filtered dataset RRS feed

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  • Hi there i have a conceptual question and am hoping for some ideas to shove me in the right direction


    i have a PowerPivot sheet with several Graphs and (pivot-)tables that contain a customer's overall statistics (cost, revenue, profit, numer of orders and so on).

    The customer is about to assign the top 100 customers to account managers which will need access to this data, but in a filtered view (meaning that an account manager should only be allowed to see the data relevant to the customer he or she is managing).

    Question now is: how would you go about creating the powerpivot sheets available through sharepoint in such a way that it's still maintainable (100 copies of the same sheet with different filters does not sound that way) and that the account managers can only see their data?


    Thank you for your suggestions.

    (P.S.: Tried to post directly in PowerPivot but somehow the selection was not available)

    Montag, 22. August 2011 13:01


  • Nevermind.

    Even more intense searching produced this

    which I guess is exactly what I'm after here.

    Looks like there is no good way around creating separate instances

    Dienstag, 23. August 2011 06:56