I want to create mouse over popup visio pro2016 rack diagram to show detail of cisco switch ports. Can't I use data form excel spread sheet?


  • I was contracted for a project to do a network documentation and produce diagrams with MS Visio Pro.  I've created rack diagrams with the equipment detail and spreadsheets collecting all the drop info to the workstations and offices.  NOW they tell me they want the diagrams to be layered somehow, not sure how that relates but more importantly, mouse hoover pop up over the cisco switch ports that will show in a call out for example, the drop and patch panel info connected to the switch port.  I'm sure this doesn't need to be done manually port by port but I can't figure out how to import the info from Excel into Visio and produce the pop ups, can you help?  Thank you.
    Freitag, 29. Juni 2018 18:52

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