Visio: hyperlinks do not work correctly for an instance with SSO


  • In the process of work, some of our users use MS Visio to create diagrams of telecom networks. Each shape in such diagram is linked through a hyperlink with the corresponding object on the site. The site uses SSO. When user navigates through such a hyperlink from Visio and enters the user's login / password, he gets the start page instead the page that is required. For other MS products, for example, Exel or Word, hyperlinks work correctly.

    Dienstag, 26. Juni 2018 13:05

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  • Hi,

    The hyperlink in Visio shape is a link way for an external URL or files. It is not responsible for credentials login. About the hyperlink, what's the detailed object on the site?

    If the linked object is an external URL, please paste it in your default web browser, confirm if you can sign in it correctly. 

    Best Regards,
    Winnie Liang

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    Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2018 07:06
  • Hi Winnie!

    In our case, the term "object" means a page of the site with its unique identifier - id. The site has a tree-like structure, where every real object, like separate modem or whole network segment entirely, have their own pages. For example, the address of such a page:

    About links: Yes, they are correct and work, for example, in Excel.

    Maybe MS Visio transforms the links and they can not be perceived by our instance correctly. If this is the case, then perhaps there is a way to disable this transformation before sending it to the browser.

    Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2018 10:51