Loss of Internet Browsing


  • SBS 2011 server within a Domain, Running DNS, DHCP and WINS.

    5 PC's attached to domain ( win 7, and Win XP )

    Tuesday 10th Sept all OK,

    Wed 11th Sept No browsing from any workstation at all , Page not found error

    Router disconnected and tested standalone with PC plugged in, No problems. ( Also line checked by ISP)

    Router has DHCP disabled.

    Reconnected router still no Browsing.

    No changes made to the server since installation, 24 months approx. (doesn't even have keyboard, mouse etc connected.

    DNS forwarding is set to the router ( during initial setup )

    maxcachettl is set as per recommendations

    Have stopped and started server, flushed dns cache etc

    nslookup on external site name times out.

    Any more suggestions please.

    Sonntag, 15. September 2013 20:05

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  • virus? ARP spoofing or DNS spoofing? really strange...



    Dienstag, 17. September 2013 15:58
  • Removed the 'Store Zone in Active Directory' in DNS and all now seems ok.

    The Zones do not now appear in AD, have they been deleted physically or logically ?

    May try to change it back when the users have recovered from not having the Internet for a week.

    Many Thanks

    Donnerstag, 19. September 2013 11:07
  • how did you remove the store zone? detailed operations.

    only one DNS server? if you delete a secondary copy of a zone, or still copy of zone exist. it seems no big trouble.



    Sonntag, 22. September 2013 17:06