Logging into DA Client


  • Once a client is configured for DA, do you log into it with your domain user account or local user account?
    Mittwoch, 19. Juni 2013 17:27

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  • Domain account.

    When DA is configured and working properly the whole point with DA is to - at all times - treat your DA client as you where in the office.

    Hth, Anders Janson Enfo Zipper

    Donnerstag, 20. Juni 2013 08:31
  • If the users were to login with a local account, the management/infrastructure tunnel should still build which means you would still have management over that computer, but the Kerberos would not pass and so the user/intranet tunnel would not build, and resources would not be available for the user to tap into. They must be logged in with their domain account to have access to resources.

    Freitag, 21. Juni 2013 15:17