Search on search box not works, but works by same property value in refiner


  • Hi!

    We're using SharePoint 2013 Enterprise.

    In our farm we have Search Service Application and  User Profile Service Application.

    We added new property to UPSA - single line of text and retrieve data for this property from term set.

    We need to search  and filter people by this property.

    What we've done:

    • in USPS added new property SP-Company1. Type: text (single value), length 3600, selected termset and filled this property with values
    • in SSA we've made a content crawl. Two Crawled Properties (ows_taxId_SPhCompany1 and Люди:SP-Company1) and one Managed Property: owstaxIdSPhCompany1 for ows_taxId_SPhCompany1 were generated.
    • in SSA we created Managed Property for Люди:SP-Company1 named TestUserCompany1
    • one more content crawl
    • search results page - we added refiner by our new property and changed display template to show our property in results

    The refiners works fine with new property, we get all people with that property value. But when we try to search by entering this value in search box, the search finds nothing.

    Does anybody have an idea how to make seacrh works with this property?


    Tuesday, December 17, 2013 1:41 PM

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