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  • Hey people, I've been having a small problem on and off for almost a year now, but lately its gone too far. On my last computer, my Logitech MX Revolution mouse would lag or freeze in sequence once in a while. I also found out my USB ports were turning on and off rapidly sometimes, like some sort of computer panic attack. I couldn't keep a USB flashdrive plugged in or it would make those USB recognition sounds non-stop. I had a G15 keyboard, with USB ports on it, and when I plugged my mouse to the keyboard ports it would work flawlessly. The mouse would also work better when I plugged it into the tower's USB ports. I recently upgraded my keyboard to a Logitech Dinovo Edge, wireless keyboard. Everything was the same until I got the new computer. I thought the problem was with the motherboard itself, and the USB ports on its rear panel, since every other USB ports were working fine. So I got a new cpu and mobo, AMD Phenom 2 955, Asus M4N82 Deluxe mobo, plugged all my other hardware to it, including a new tower. But now the USB ports are having problems no matter which one I use (tower, expansions, or mobo panel). On top of all things, my keyboard (Dinovo Edge) stops responding at random time, and sometimes it keeps pressing the same letter continuously like a malfunction, and will keep pressing the letter even if I turn the keyboard off. This didn't happen on my old computer. This new keyboard problem is also very frequent, an everyday thing. It also seems to happen the most when I play the game Crysis Warhead.

    Troubleshooting so far: Tried several USB ports for my keyboard (same problem). Tried operating with a PS2 connection mouse (still had problems), Tried plugging my USB flashdrive in different USB ports (same problem everywhere).

    Is this a Vista related issue? Is it a 64bit related issue?


    Old Computer:
    AMD Phenom 2.3ghz Quad Core
    XFX 750a SLI Motherboard
    Corsair DDR2 800mhz RAM 4x 2gigs each
    XFX GTX280 videocard (added another in SLI later in the year)
    Auzentech X-Fi Prelude 7.1 soundcard

    New Computer:
    AMD PhenomII 955 Black Edition 3,2ghz Quad Core
    Asus M4N82 Deluxe 980a Motherboard
    Thermaltake Spedo Advance Computer case
    Ultra Chilltech CPU cooler
    (Same Hardware for the rest)

    Please help me, my keyboard malfunctioned 3 times while I was writing this message, its driving me insane!!! I am on the verge of beating my 3k$ computer "Office Space" style with a baseball bat!!
    Saturday, August 22, 2009 12:16 AM