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  • I had Windows 7 System Pack 1 downloaded onto my Dell laptop several days ago. Since then, I have had extreme problems typing the letter n, although I have been able to type everything else without any problem. But for n, I either can't type it, or it shows up over and over while I'm typing - sometimes it even does nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn while I'm typing and it takes some time to delete it. It happens on my new Internet Explorer 10, Microsoft Word and even while I'm searching on my control panel.

    It has only been this all important letter that has done this to me, and I write for a living, so this is getting to be a big problem - especially when I waste time copying and pasting the letter n into most words. I have had this laptop and regular Windows 7 for several years without having a single problem like this at all. I don't have a mouse to use, I don't know the technical details about laptops and systems that most of you do, I don't have any CDs to install, and I can't afford to just get a new laptop.

    Is it even possible to fix this very specific typing problem that only affects one letter? I would just get rid of System Pack 1, but they say I won't be supported without it after April 9. Do I just need to install System Pack 2 or 3 or Windows 8?

    Monday, April 1, 2013 1:38 PM


  • Robert

    As you said it is doubtful that it would affect just one letter.  Two things come to mind.  First something physical (I only mention it because I had the same problem with one of my Dells), or perhaps the driver became corrupt.

    Can you check the keyboard driver in device manager (start>search>device manager) and make sure there isnt a yellow Exclamation mark "!" over it.

    You might want to visit support.dell.com and check for driver updates as well.

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