Windows Essentials Storage Service not running


  • Hi, we have 5 clients with both Server 2012R2 Essentials and 2016 Essentials having this issue. The Storage service is stopped and causing all kinds of issues. I have read through the forums and found varying responses. Here is the last entry in the Storageservice.log

    [2908] 180504.110937.6381: StorageProvider: StorageProviderLibrary construction, CoInitializeSecurity result -2147417831
    [2908] 180504.110937.6850: StorageProvider: Starting Storage provider
    [2624] 180504.110937.7162: StorageProvider: Storage provider initialization thread started
    [2624] 180504.110938.1694: PfBinding: Information: [0] : Adding service dns identity [VIOLA-HOST1] in proxy endpoint.
    [2624] 180504.110938.3100: StorageProvider: Connecting to user manager
    [2624] 180504.110938.3412: StorageProvider: Connecting to client backup manager
    [2624] 180504.110938.3568: Backup: Trying to connect to provider Async.
    [2624] 180504.110938.3568: StorageProvider: Register for callbacks with the spacesHelper
    [8540] 180504.110938.3568: Backup: Waiting for connection with the provider.
    [15108] 180504.110938.4194: PfBinding: Information: [0] : Setting Windows ClientCredential to , *,
    [15108] 180504.110938.4506: Backup: New connection detected. Try fetching all data
    [24448] 180504.110938.4506: StorageProvider:  group ConnectRequestCompletionCallback called by user provider
    [8892] 180504.110938.4506: StorageProvider: user ConnectRequestCompletionCallback called by user provider
    [15108] 180504.110938.4662: Backup: Connected to Provider Successfully
    [8540] 180504.110938.4662: StorageProvider: Connected to client backup manager
    [24448] 180504.110938.4819: StorageProvider: Updating group list with 0 groups
    [2624] 180504.110938.5287: StorageProvider: Register for callbacks with the storage Manager
    [2624] 180504.110938.5287: StorageProvider: m_alertManager.OnGlobalEvent put on dispatcher
    [8892] 180504.110938.5444: StorageProvider: Updating user list with 42 users
    [25436] 180504.110940.7631: StorageProvider: Folder not healthy so skip UpdateFolderInfoPermissions id: 3f2ff46c-031e-4ade-bdeb-e101e9c3d33a name: Company
    [25436] 180504.110940.7631: StorageProvider: Folder not healthy so skip UpdateFolderInfoPermissions id: 6b2c4cd0-9a34-493f-939c-f7641491b4ee name: Users

    Please help! This is driving me crazy and clients are starting to ask.

    Friday, May 4, 2018 7:42 PM

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  • Hi,

    Open Service, try to manually start Windows Server Essentials Storage Service and check the result, if there is error prompted, please provide detail error message.

    Besides, please make sure that all Services which name starts with Windows Server Essentials are all running.

    Besides, please try to re-start system in Clean Boot and check the result.

    Perform a clean startup to determine whether background programs are interfering with your game or program:

    If problem persists, is there any change before problem happens?  Such as new software installation, hardware replacement, Windows update installation and etc.

    Best Regards,
    Eve Wang

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    Monday, May 7, 2018 6:38 AM
  • Manually starting the service starts the service but within about 5 seconds, the service stops. All other essentials services are running. No new changes before this started. Environments are different. Some are fully up to date, others are not. All are pretty vanilla with no special software installed.

    Have not tried clean boot as these are production environments and I will have to schedule the downtime.

    Monday, May 7, 2018 3:14 PM