How to Limit Rows in ADO query from Active Directory for SQL or Crystal Reports


  • How do i Limit the number of rows displayed with a SQL Command or Syntax statement? I have tried LIMIT but that does not work.

    SELECT CN, OperatingSystem

    FROM 'LDAP://DC=domain,DC=edu' WHERE objectClass='computer'

    LIMIT 900


    SELECT CN, OperatingSystem SELECT TOP 100 CN FROM 'LDAP://OU=EUC_Devices,OU=CHMC,OU=SCAL,OU=Regional_Sites,DC=domain,DC=edu' WHERE objectClass='computer'


    SELECT TOP 100 CN, OperatingSystem FROM 'LDAP://OU=EUC_Devices,OU=CHMC,OU=SCAL,OU=Regional_Sites,DC=domain,DC=edu' WHERE objectClass='computer'

    Monday, January 9, 2017 2:23 PM

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