What happens next after winsxs folder grows outta control? RRS feed

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  • Winsxs folder in vista is always a problem for me. The size of it is too big, and it's growing too fast. I think microsoft might have noticed their numerous complaints against this notorious folder, so it decides to limit the growth rate, well, have to say, after 3 months of updates and hotfixes, I didn't experience major growth of winsxs folder? Nah! just this morning, windows vista warns C:\ has no sufficient space, and i remember without adding any file to C:\ I should have more than another GB there, guess what, of course! winsxs just expanded another GB after a major update release. My question is simply, after initial install of windows vista, I have around 4GB left with C:\, after 7 months of major updates releases, winsxs folder grew from just under 2GB to 6.8 GB now, and I have less than 300MB left on C:\, what happens next, so winsxs just continue asking for extra space, and when its demand cannot be met, windows vista simply crashes? I think microsoft should refund my money.
    Monday, June 29, 2009 12:11 PM