Pupil Home Areas


  • Hi, We have moved all the PCs from XP to Windows 7, we are using Server 2008 as a DC, the pupils have a home area on a server and the folder is mapped via AD in the profile tab.

    Some of the students have the home area mapped but it is grayed out and when double clicked says they don't have permission to it.  I have checked the permissions and they have full control on their folder.

    I do not really understand why it is only some of the pupils, if were all of them i might have a clue as to why.  I thought it might be a local profile issue because if I get them to log on to another computer it maps, however I have deleted the profile on the local PC and had the student log on again and still the home area is mapped but grayed out.

    Any ideas will be appreciated, there are other threads but none of them this specific problem.

    Friday, September 27, 2013 10:06 AM

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