Download different preset system sound profiles? RRS feed

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  • I just purchased my new laptop 2 days ago which came with the new Windows 8.1. I have spent several hours scouring the internet for sites that have sound profiles that have already been set to each event, so I don't have to spend the next 11 million years setting each one manually.

    I am quite displeased with the lack of personalization features especially after how much I paid, which a lot of the cost was for this new-fangled OS. There is only one set of system sounds, and it is extremely quiet compared to the rest of the sounds such as any playing music, Skype message/call alerts, etc. Even at full volume, I cannot hear the system sounds and that is annoying to me.  I want to hear when I click on anything or open a link, the familiar crisp and loud "tick" sound from Windows 7, but it is missing.

    I only want the sound profiles, I don't need a bunch of picture sets or other graphically related things, just the preset sound files that are ready to go as soon as you download them.  This shouldn't have been an issue with new aged technology like this.  I personally think the interface customization options should be much greater, but there is only 12 or 14 factory wallpapers installed, and there is no diversity in the selections. I know its no big deal to download a high resolution wallpaper from anywhere online, but after paying several hundred dollars for Windows 7 with a new skin on it, one would expect to at least be able to find one or two customization settings that suits their desires, but due to lack of any choices, I have not been able to become comfortable with my new system.

    If anybody has any information on where I might be able to find some sounds, that would be great.  Look forward to getting this figured out.



    Saturday, March 29, 2014 5:23 PM