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  • So, I'm been tasked with doing a proff of concept for our company, we'd like to take 5 remote plants with fairly simple server setups (one or two physcial boxes with one or two virtuals on the physicals) and back those up at our data center.

    Up til now we have always had Backup Exec running at our plants and they have taken care of thier own IT staff has been reduced this has become an iffy solution....will tapes get changed and all that fun stuff.

    What we'd like to do is have a central DPM server at the Data Center, and backup the remote servers as D2D2T

    I'd like to have very short term storage local for DR purposes (don't want to have to run a full server recovery from a remote site). (maybe a weeks worth)

    From there I'd like to replicate the data to a disk pool here in our data center for possibly slightly longer term storage (maybe a months worth)

    and finally end up with data on tape on a monthly and yearly basis (monthly kept for 1 year, yearly kept forever)

    I'm sure its possible, but what would something like that look like?  We're not overly keen on slapping external harddrives onto our remote servers at the plants...worried they might decide to wander off one day....

    Any help or advice you all can give is appreciated.  We would be doing this with DPM2012.

    Wednesday, June 27, 2012 5:55 PM

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  • DPM2012 isn't well suited to the solution that you are proposing, the issue is your requirement to have a local backup at each site, which replicates to the Data Centre.

    To do this you would need to have a DPM server (can be a VM if using DPM2012) at each of your sites and your Data Centre. And even then, I am not certain if the one Data Centre DPM would be able to act as a secondary DPM for all 5 remote DPM servers.

    Why do you need local backups as well as centralised? The usual scenerio with DPM would be to have one DPM server (and Storage Pool) that backup up all of the remote sites (and optionally have a secondary DPM to protect the primary DPM). What is the speed of the link between the remote sites and the Data Centre?

    If you really want local as well as central backups, you could made use of existing BackupExec or Windows Server backup for your local backups (and backup to a spare local disk rather than tape so nobody is needed to swap tapes). Then DPM would act independently to this as your main (off-site) D2D2T. The problem with this is you have to monitor all of the local backups, as well as DPM.

    Backup to tape every month? I would make that at least once per week. Could you really afford to lose 1 month of data if something does wrong with your production servers and the DPM Strorage Pool?

    DR options in the one DPM central server solution that I described:

    For simple DR scenarios, you could recover files/VMs/SQL etc. over the WAN link directly to the protected servers.

    If you enable VSS on the protected servers then users can perform simply file recoveries (e.g. for accidently deleted files) themselves.

    If you had a full failure of physical server (e.g. failure to boot up), you would restore the Bare Metal recovery or System State backup of the protected server as file from DPM. Then either transfer it to a USB drive and drive over to the remote site to perform the recovery of the server yourself. Or copy the file over to the remote site over the WAN link for a technician there to perform the recovery.

    My point is to demonstrate how you might not need local backups if you have DPM backing up centrally.



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