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  • Hey all,

    Windows 2012 brought us ReFS and storage spaces, two very nice technologies but with quite a variety of restrictions.

    Then 2012 R2 added alternate data streams so that things like SQL server could be housed on the file system and still run DBCC.

    Now with Windows Server 2015 in the pipeline there are a few outstanding quality of life and usability issues that really need to be addressed with these two technologies and I haven't seen anyone commenting on these features which are:

    1) Storage Spaces parity block re-leveling.
    When we add a new set of disks to a storage space, is there a tool or power shell switch that will allow us to spread the parity blocks from the original disks in the set, say 5 disks in a parity space, to the newly added 5 disks for that storage space so the parity data is spread amongst all the disks in the space? Expanding storage spaces shouldn't be hard, please make my life easier. :)

    2) Will useful features like compression and quotas be coming to ReFS in this version of windows?
    When using SSDs for journaling and writeback cache for parity spaces, performance is more than suitable for common user file shares but it is limited by features available to the file system including the quota and compression features of NTFS. Will these features be making a return in 2015? Please say yes, I'd like to be able to sell cheap commodity full featured small business servers to people that need a lot of reliable storage without the hassle of paying someone like Netapp or EMC enormous sums for the privilege. Good market there Microsoft, feel free to jump in.

    3) For the enterprise people amongst us will we see things like FCoE to support iSCSI targets on 2015, or did I have a mental blow out and are they already there? Being able to provide the full spectrum of SMB and NFS along with solid block level RAW storage over ethernet would be super. :D

    Thanks in advance if I get yeses to all three. :)

    Friday, January 23, 2015 2:36 AM


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