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  • Hello -

    We have a small group of users based overseas using Outlook & cached Exchange Mode via Citrix

    In preparation for migrating from Outlook 2010 [via Citrix] to Outlook 2016 [also via Citrix]

    They are running both versions of Outlook in parallel, and noticed the inbox view updates significantly quicker in OTLK2010

    New messages show almost instantaneously using OTLK2010 cached mode, but up to 10-15 seconds delay for the same message using OTLK2016 cached mode

    In both cases, the OST file is on a network share [also tried local C: drive on Citrix but this is not preferred for Citrix farm]

    So we've tried the same tests outside of Citrix, running Outlook client in Windows, and the same update lag can be observed in OTLK2016

    Tried loading Outlook in safe mode [i.e. no add-ins]

    Also tried various cached mode settings by GPO:

    User/Policies/Administrative Templates/Microsoft Outlook 2016/Account Settings/Exchange/Cached Exchange Mode

    Enter maximum seconds to wait to sync changes: 5

    Enter seconds to wait to download changes from server: 5

    Enter seconds to wait to upload changes to server: 5

    Disable Exchange Fast Access: Disable

    Back-end server is Exchange 2016 via load-balancer, but same effect can be observed using host file entry on client to connect Outlook directly to mailbox server

    Haven't been able to find a good explainer how cached Exchange mode works... is Exchange pushing the new message to the client? Does the client poll Exchange etc etc?

    Sounds like a trivial issue, but proving to be a barrier to adoption for the end-users involved with testing

    Anybody got suggestions?

    Thank you

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  • Hi stubb0,

    >> They are running both versions of Outlook in parallel

    By this, do you mean some of them are running Outlook 2010 while the others are using Outlook 2016 or do you mean both the two versions of Office are installed on the same machine?
    Does this issue affect all messages received by users using Outlook 2016?
    How about try turning off cached mode in Outlook 2016 and seeing if the message can arrive immediately in Online mode? 

    Please try repairing Office 2016 via Control Panel on one problematic machine and see if there will be any improvement. 

    By the way, is there any other email accounts configured under the same profile? If so, please try creating a new profile for this account and check the result.

    Any findings, please post back at ease.

    Best regards,
    Yuki Sun 

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  • Hi there -

    Yes same machine but it's Outlook via Citrix Receiver, so not related to a local MS Office installation

    Testing on a Windows 10 machine with a local installation of Outlook 2016 using cached mode, we see an identical delay for new messages showing up in the Inbox as we see with Outlook 2016 on Citrix

    The delay seems to be universal across all WIN10/OTLK2016 machines

    Using Outlook 2016 in online mode, the new message shows right away, then a second later in Outlook 2010 in cached mode [via Citrix] and then finally using Outlook 2016 in cached mode X seconds later [across 3 simple tests the value for x has varied from 18 to 25 seconds - same for Citrix & local install]

    There are no other email accounts configured under the test profile

    There is low network latency between the data centre [Exchange & Citrix] and client computers [<1 ms]

    In a nutshell... we need to run Outlook 2016 in cached mode, but aim to achieve the same new message Inbox refresh rate as with Outlook 2010 in cached mode

    Thank you

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