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  • I need help to understand how to set display resolution for laptops with docking stations.

    My users have a laptop with a docking station and an external monitor. When docked, the laptop is closed and only the external monitor is used. When undocked, they use the laptop monitor with no external display.


    I need to set up - and I need Vista to memorize - a different display resolution for each of these two situations.

    Can someone help me understand how this is supposed to be done?

    Do I just manually set the display resolution I want when the laptop is docked and then again when undocked, and Windows will memorize both situations?
    In the past, Windows XP had hardware profiles which I think could be used for this puprpose. They seem to have gone in Vista.
    The Windows Mobility Center, which I never bothered looking at, has an External Display section. Is it of any use to me for what I want to do?

    The Control Panel - Personalize - Display settings has controls for using dual monitors. Do I need to go into that for what I want to do?


    Thanks in advance

    Jacques Philippet

    Thursday, November 6, 2008 5:09 PM



    Hi Jacques, I'd like to inform you that hardware profiles have been removed from Windows Vista. For the current situation, I suggest you use dual display adapters to workaround this issue. In this way, we can set different resolution on each adapter and use them in different environment. Hope this helps! 

    Thursday, November 13, 2008 3:14 AM