Outlook 2003 delayed send option sends immediately RRS feed

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  • I have a user that was trying to make use of the delayed send email option in Outlook 2003 SP3. We run in an Exchange 2007 SP2 environment.  His intention was to "bank" some important emails to be sent the middle of next week, when he's on vacation.   Being unfamiliar with the feature, I did some reading and then performed some tests to verify my understanding of how it works.  These tests were performed from this user's client, and behaved exactly as expected.  Unfortunately, when he actually composed these emails and set the delayed send option, rather than going to the outbox to wait for the delayed date and time, they were immediately sent.  I can see the items in his sent items folder, and they actually even still have a banner across the top when opened that states the messages are delayed and will not be sent until the specified date and time next week.

    The only thing he did differently when sending these was to also set receive and read receipt requests, which I have since tested and verified do not interfere with the delayed send feature. I have also verified that flags, urgency, and priority have no effect on the feature.  He is running with cached-mode turned off (otherwise the delay wouldn't actually send with Outlook closed), and subsequent tests on his client show the feature working as expected.  It was only these particular messages that did this.

    Now, in most cases I would be satisfied that it's not readily reproduce-able and move on, but this was a payroll/retirement deposit submission that went through a week early, so I am keen to give an answer as to exactly how this happened. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. 

    Friday, July 19, 2013 4:04 PM