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  • My computer has been using about 20 percent CPU utilization since a glitch in the Windows Sandbox Program.  (NOTE: Memory, Disk or other resources are at 0mb used.) 

    I cannot get rid of the processes and they keep coming back on restart with the user as the generic random generated PC name that is given to a Windows Sandbox instance. 


    The user name for the process is shown here: 


    After attempting to delete the processes with the forced command it is still running and I can no longer see properties of the process.


    Here is how to recreate the issue. 

    I was just testing out the Windows Sandbox security by downloading a fake virus here : 

    I then downloaded the free version of Malwarebytes (latest edition) and attempted a quick scan. 

    What happened next was the computer had a minor meltdown and froze up, and then was supper laggy on trying to use commands like Ctrl Alt Del. 


    Then I get an message shown above saying the connection to the sandbox was lost and having an error code.  If you hit yes this pops up: 


    When a user hits ok, Sandbox closes and apparently keeps the virtual machine open even after restart or shutdown after many days. 

    Not to mention now there is no longer any internet connection with the Sandbox instances. 

    Now I know my computer that I built can handle this amount of drain but I am getting concerned that its not going to be able to be stopped. 

    Update from the post on Microsoft answers, I did attempt to uninstall the feature from the add and remove features. I then restarted the PC, even with Windows Sandbox Uninstalled it came back. 



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  • Hey sorry for asking but, does anyone have any ideas? Was anyone else able to recreate the issue or did I find a glitch no one has seen yet? 


    Wednesday, January 29, 2020 12:25 AM