Using Auto Attendant number as user LineURI prefix RRS feed

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  • Hello - We want to allow extension dialing straight from the initial phone menu our callers flow into.  This not possible with Lync response groups but it should be possible with an Exchange Auto Attendant.  Problem is, we are currently using a 3-digit extension and we're spread out across the 300-800 range, so to accommodate phone menu presses 1-5, I have to migrate to a 4-digit extension.  I'm planning on moving everyone to the 8000 series for their extensions.  Easy enough.

    We have Lync 2013 and Exchange 2013 on prem.  We also have an Office 365 tenancy with some users in Exchange Online.  Everything works fine right now with a 3-digit extensions for users.  During initial implementation, I didn't want to spend days on normalization, so I simply assigned extensions like "tel:+402" to users.

    With this new extension change, I'd also like to update phone numbers to the format of "tel:+18888888888;ext=8402", where +18888888888 is the auto attendant number, also our main line.

    I've created a new 4-digit UM dialplan in parallel with the current 3-digit dialplan.  Both use the single UMIPGateway I have configured.  Where I'm stuck is how to assign the 18888888888 number to the auto attendant without breaking the ability to assign numbers like "tel:+18888888888;ext=8402" to users.  AFAIK, it has to be unique but neither the EAC or EMS will let me assign the AA with an extension.  I tried setting it on the OCSUMUTIL AA contact objects but I still can't reach the AA.

    What am I missing?

    Wednesday, May 10, 2017 3:45 PM


  • I got this working by configuring the auto attendant with just a 4-digit extension (+8102) and then creating a Lync dial plan normalization rules like:

    ^(18888888888)$ --> +18888888888;ext=8102

    This way calls coming into the main number 18888888888 will route to the auto attendant but I can still assign lineuri's like +18888888888;ext=8429 without breaking anything.

    In OCSUMUTIL I made sure my AA and SA contacts also used the full format number like +18888888888;ext=8102

    Friday, May 12, 2017 3:59 PM