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  • Good Afternoon,

    I'm looking to slowly migrate our in-house Exchange server to the Exchange Online cloud product.  I wanted to start off with a few users and go from there.  I added our domain to the account and attempted to send an email to the new account I created, but only the <email>@<name>.onmicrosoft.com would work and not the <email>@<added_domain>.com.  While this was happening, in-house users were having issues sending emails.  Occasionally the emails would be sent but returned with an error saying the email address couldn't be found or something like that.

    I figured it had to do with the fact that when an email would be sent the in-house DNS and the new Microsoft 'DNS' were 'fighting' over the email, but the Microsoft DNS didn't know what to do with the emails.  After I removed the domain and took out the DNS entries I added in GoDaddy the issue went away.

    So my question is, am I allowed to run both Exchange Online along with our local Exchange server?  Is there some configuration I missed when setting up the domain/DNS?



    Friday, June 21, 2013 7:26 PM

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