HowTo sequence KeePass with App-V 5

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  • Sequencing Domink Reichel's Keepass (from casused two issues on an App-V 5 Client. Here is how to resolve them.


    1. Keepass can't be added on the client, throwing an error code including 0C80070057
    2. After fixing the first issue, the app can be added to a client, but Keepass crashes with an AppCrash error

    Both issues can be addressed quite easily

    1. Sequencing Keepass creates a UserProgramFiles folder (with a Common subfolder) inside the package. As nicely described at, deleting the UserProgramFiles folder from the package solves that issue.

    2. KeePass crashes with an AppCrash error. Though there is no soultion for App-V realted KeePass crashes, it apparently has an issue with UE-V, too. As described in,  adding some information into the keepass.exe.config file might help - and it did for App-V, too.

    Because KeePass is a simple-to-sequence application and your previous package does not work anyway, you should create a new package from scratch (instead of trying to fix it)

    1. Start sequencing Keepass
    2. During monitoring (before you hit 'I am finished installing...', modify the keepass.exe.config as described in the KB
    3. Continue Sequencing. Ensure that you proceed to the Editor (and do not end sequencing earlier)
    4. In the Sequencer's Editor, [Package Files] tab, find the folder Package / Root / VFS / UserProgramFiles. Delete that folder from the list. VirtualVibes' article gives some more info about that
    5. Save the Keepass App-V package
    6. Test the package on a client



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    Sunday, November 3, 2013 4:49 PM