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  • I have a Master schedule with multiple subprojects. These are linked projects. 

    I would like to perform computations using custom columns in the Master Plan, which in turn get applied to the subprojects. I am unable to do so. For instance I would like to compute mandays left to complete a task based on a status date (set in the Master Plan) and finish date for each task for each subproject. The custom column and formula are set in the master plan. Somehow I am not getting the desired outcome. The formula is very simple : 

       IIf([% Complete]<100,[Finish]-[Status Date],777777) 

    All I get on all incomplete tasks in the subprojects is 0.

    If I insert the custom column to the subprojects this formula works, however it doesn't work in the Master Plan. 

    I do not control the subprojects and cannot setup this column & formula in the subprojects for it to be reused, hence prefer setting this up in the Master Plan.

    Please help.

    Thursday, May 24, 2012 3:13 PM


  • Hi Yesh,

    1) Status Date of Master Project doesn't gets copied to Sub-projects Status Dates by its own; each sub-projects may come with different Status Dates. You would need a Macro to Copy Master Project Status Date to sub-projects ELSE you need to make sure that you manually set Status Date of all Sub-projects and Master Projects as same.

    If you want to run a macro, you can refer to :

    2) The nature you observed for Custom Field is default. Essentially to manage this you have 3 work around -

    a) In Project Server connected mode Custom Fields gets designed at Enterprise Level so that makes job easier while exercising in all projects Globally.

    b) You need to copy that Master Plan field to each sub-projects manually (which you say is not possible)

    c) You can copy the Master Plan field into Global.MPT using Organizer option in File menu in Project 2010.

    NOTE : This will show #ERROR for any sub-project that doesn't have a Status Date set if tasks are <100% but will show 7777 for 100% tasks.

    Also, if you have not set Status Date of a sub-project same as Master Project's, this formula will pick sub-project's Status Date for calculation purpose.

    IIf([% Complete]<100,ProjDateDiff([Finish],[Status Date])/480,77777)

    Sapna S

    Thursday, May 24, 2012 4:21 PM