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  • Dear Experts,

    My question is related to user activity report which SFB used to fetch from SQL through monitoring reports.

    Now what I need to know is whenever I used to fetch "User activity report" it mentions first peer to peer call and then conferencing information in collapsed format.

    Q1. I need to know about the commands or any other tool from which I can access conferencing call details in good presentable format.

    Q2. Is there any way/command/tool to get the info for Top 5 users for a specific period in terms of the

          a. Calls made by the user and

          b. Total duration of all those calls users have attended.

    Urgent help would be highly appreciated.

    Monday, January 16, 2017 12:27 PM

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  • If you are a SQL script expert, you could try to achieve by creating custom reports,



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    Monday, January 16, 2017 12:50 PM
  • Hi Anon,

    For SFB user activity report, based on my research, the format of conference call details is like following by default, there is no method to change the format with SFB server side.

    The User Activity Report provides a detailed list of the peer-to-peer and conferencing sessions carried out by your users in a given time period. Unlike many of the Monitoring Reports, the User Activity Report ties each call to individual users. For example, peer-to-peer sessions specify the SIP URIs of the person who initiated the call (the From user) and the person who was being called (the To user). If you expand the information for a conference, you'll see a list of all the conference participants and the role they held for that conference, but you can’t filter the top 5 users in this report automatically.

    You could try to post these issues in Lync SDK forum, there are more experts will you resolve this issue.

    Hope this reply is helpful to you.


    Alice Wang

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  • Hi,

    you will need to use power BI or direct query using Excel with SQL statement. Then you will need to use DAX in Excel to count number of calls.

    My statement when query for PSTN calls is using VOipDetailsview db from lcscdr database.

    SELECT  *
      FROM [LcsCDR].[dbo].[VoipDetailsView]
      where ToUri like '%User.1%'

    where user.1 is part of user SIP address. (like firstname.lastname).

    This statement will pull all data in monitoring database and all calls made TO that user. If you need to find all calls made FROM this user you use:

    SELECT  *
      FROM [LcsCDR].[dbo].[VoipDetailsView]
      where FromUri like '%User.1%'

    FOr conferencing, not sure if its in VOIPDetailsview table.

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