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    • Application Name: Notepad++
    • Application Version: 5.6.8
    • Company Name: Source Forge Project
    • Sequencer Version:  4.6
    • App-V Client Version tested on:  4.6
    • Operating System sequenced on:      Windows XP SP3 x86
    • Pre-requisites:
    • Client Operating Systems successfully deployed to:  Windows XP x86 / Windows 7 x64
    • *Posted by non-Microsoft Employee: Jeffrey Crawford, Indiana University

    • Steps to sequence the application:

    (Steps 1-2 are optional and performing them will exclude the users Notepad++ directory from being included)

    1. Navigate to directory: 
      C:\Program Files\Microsoft Application Virtualization Sequencer\
    2. Modify the existing default.spjr using notepad so that you add the following
      <EXCLUSION Pattern="%CSIDL_APPDATA%\Notepad++" Context="VFS_EXC" Type="PSR_DataSystem"/>
    3.  Open up internet explorer or your browser choice.  Navigate to the web page:
    4. Click Download > Binary Files > Download Notepad ++ executable files
    5. Click on the option Download Now
    6. Save file to desktop
    7. Start the Microsoft Application Virtualization Sequencer and create a package
    8. Fill in Package Name as you wish
    9. Click Begin Monitoring create a directory in which the app-v package will be generated and stored.  IE:  R:\NotepadP.000
    10. Double click on npp.versionhere Setup and click run if a security box is presented
    11. Click Ok
    12. Click Next
    13. Click I Agree
    14. Browse to the directory you created in step 10.  Root level:  IE.  R:\NotepadP.000
    15. Click Next
    16. Check or de-check all options of your personal choice
    17. Click next
    18. Un-check Run Notepad ++
    19. Click Finish 
    20. Click Stop Monitoring
    21. Click Next
    22. Click Next
    23. Launch Notepad ++

      (Steps 24 – 28 are only if you elected to install plugins)

    24. If prompted to update plugins perform the operation
    25. If you weren’t prompted to update plugins click the plugins tab
    26. Select Plugin Manager > Show Plugin Manager
    27. Click the updates tab and verify there are no pending updates
    28. Install any additional plugins of choice exit out when finished
    29. Click Next
    30. Click Finish
    31. Save the changes to the package
    • Known Issues/limitations: If you exclude the user notepad++ directory and a user installs or updates a plugin via Plugin Manager this will update or install the given plugin but cannot shutdown/restart Notepad++.    If you chose to leave this directory as part of Notepad++ it becomes difficult for the user to make custom changes to the application such as background chances.  Resetting the user pkg environment will cause a loss of plugins that the user installed but not user specific settings if the user directory is excluded.
    • Approximate sequencing time: 5 minutes


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