"Documents" does not migrate to "Shared Documents" Folder RRS feed

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  • Hello All,

    The issue I am having is that I can't get my files into the "Shared Documents" library which is the default folder when you use the "Documents" placeholder in the .CVS file. I did a test migration which said it was successful (exerts from the report below), and that it placed it in the default folder, but instead of putting the files in the "Shared Documents" default library, it placed it in a "SharedDocuments" folder. In the report it says it in migrated the files to the "Shared Documents" folder, but it is not showing up in that folder when I check it. However, what I noticed is that in the URL is it "SharedDocuments". So if I edit the URL and put a space in the URL, then I can see the folder I just uploaded, however if I use the default SPO URL that uses the "SharedDocuments" in the link then the newly migrated files are not present. I already have documents in the default library. So I want to know how do I migrate to the default URL? Hope I explained it properly.

    =============== CSV SETUP ====================



    ============================= REPORT EXERTS ============================

    Source,Destination,Item name,Extension,Item size (bytes),Type,Status,Result category,Message,Source item ID,Destination item ID,Package number,Migration job ID,Incremental round,Task ID,Device name
    "G:\Courses\ACPOnlineSystem.pdf"," Documents/Courses/ACPOnlineSystem.pdf","ACPOnlineSystem.pdf",".pdf","51917","File","Migrated","Migrated","Migrated Successfully","555d6ce5-2f0f-5710-9102-50833ef7d983","555d6ce5-2f0f-5710-9102-50833ef7d983","0","25366244-b27e-4ad2-8da1-6c112f7e8d59","R1","085f6922-ef75-462b-9921-d4946ad230ec","SERVER-MGMT"
    "G:\Courses\ASITF Certificate.pdf"," Documents/Courses/ASITF Certificate.pdf","ASITF Certificate.pdf",".pdf","123856","File","Migrated","Migrated","Migrated Successfully","76f3a03e-b564-5ee0-ac9b-e86697566863","76f3a03e-b564-5ee0-ac9b-e86697566863","0","25366244-b27e-4ad2-8da1-6c112f7e8d59","R1","085f6922-ef75-462b-9921-d4946ad230ec","SERVER-MGMT"
    "G:\Courses\BSAFE.pdf"," Documents/Courses/BSAFE.pdf","BSAFE.pdf",".pdf","68855","File","Migrated","Migrated","Migrated Successfully","1bb804c6-fc47-54d8-85c4-ca744d66de47","1bb804c6-fc47-54d8-85c4-ca744d66de47","0","25366244-b27e-4ad2-8da1-6c112f7e8d59","R1","085f6922-ef75-462b-9921-d4946ad230ec","SERVER-MGMT"

    Friday, March 20, 2020 2:29 PM