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  • This would be regarding software, hardware, the fan and battery, virus, spyware and malware protection, and hard disk, and gamming (how smooth my game runs, how fast it loads). -I have a dusty house due to having a fireplace so my laptop gathers dust fairly quickly. any easy way to dust it out?- -is there a way to make my battery last longer?- -is Microsoft security essentials good enough to protect me from viruses? is there a Microsoft made malware protection program?- -is there a way to speed up gamming or help it to run smoothly? I can run Skyrim on medium customized graphics such as low shadows, high texture quality, no anisotropic or ant-aliasing, max water quality (everything in the water quality section set to as high as it can go) and 1280x720 16:9. it runs at an average of 25 fps a bit of lag here and there but for split seconds, I think that's only because I have a terrible video card (500mb video RAM) but my graphics card is good (4GB video ram). I can also run Fallout 3 (average 15-20 fps), Fallout New Vegas(runs better than Fallout 3) Skyrim (runs better than Fallout new vegas for some reason...) Assassins creed II (laggy average 10 fps) Call of duty world at war (smooth) call of duty Blackops (smooth) left 4 dead 2 (smooth) and Grand theft auto iv (5-13 fps, low video memory).

    I know this is a mess but what I am trying to get at: is there any suggestions on what to improve for my laptop? (listed above, for gamming what I can do with programs or software editing or what programs to turn off, this does not include in-game graphics setting, I know how to set it to run faster)

    Tuesday, November 19, 2013 2:37 PM


  • I doubt that anyone will try to answer all your questions as they are all over the place. I'd suggest you separate them by subject and ask in separate forums. For example, cleaning dust from a computer would be more suitably asked in some kind of hardware forum. And, although viruses and malware can have the effect of degrading performance, such questions would be better asked in an appropriate security forum.

    Al Dunbar -- remember to 'mark or propose as answer' or 'vote as helpful' as appropriate.

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