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    by doing this step makes a task in Task list that can update in Project Task.

    Steps: (workflow of Mr. Emir Liu)

    1. Create a new column in project list, we named it listID, and this column used to get ID of task list.
    2. You have already created a workflow used to create a same list item in project task list when a new item created in tasks list. Do you use copy list item or create list item action to create the new item? If you use copy list item, please use create list item action instead. Select project list in List drop down list, Click Add button > Select listID in Set this field > click fx button behind To this value text box > Select Current Item in Source > Select ID in Field drop down list > Click OK. And set the other fields also in this way. 
    3. Create another workflow attach to task list, and select Automatically start workflow whenerver an item is Changed.
    4. Add Update List item action. Select project list as the target list.
    5. Click Add and update the field you want to update in project list with the source from current list. For example, if you want to update Title in project list, please Click Add and set this field: select Title column. Click fx behind To this value, Source: Current Item, Field: Title column > Click OK.
    6. After you update all items you want to project task list, you need to add a lookup filed, and we use ID column of task list and listID column of project task list to build connection between these two lists. Under Find this List Item section, in Field drop down list, select Project task:itemID. Click fx button behind Value text box. Select Current Item as the source and  select ID column in field drop down list. Click OK.

    Now my problem is if i try to edit the Task in the Project Task i want it to update the Task in the Task List.

    how can i lookup for listID?


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    Tuesday, March 29, 2011 8:04 AM

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