Can't save anything to My Views RRS feed

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  • We use sql server 2005, Proclarity 6.3.2233

    When going into Professional 6.3(2233) when opening a book, i can see 'my views' but can't save to them.

    Keep getting error 'No such item.  The item you requested does not exist on the server'

    We recently migrated to a new domain and reinstalled proclarity.  Restored the database to get all the libraries and books and were able to succesfully change connection info appropriately.  The users however went from one user to a new user.  I then updated the database for 1 user to show the 'favorites id' to be the new location 'favorites id'.  This all seems to be right as the old books have all the information it is just that we need to repoint things.  In doing this the user is able to view their My Views now.....but can NOT save/or add to them.  I've tried just about everything I could possibly find online with nothing helping.

    My last alternative is to take the 'exposed favorites library' and open each book for each user and save the book to a real library.  Once this is done I would have to give everyone rights to that library so they could publish to it but this seems like alot of work for somehting that should be so simple.

    Any clues?

    Thursday, December 13, 2012 3:01 AM