I have 4 Giga NICs but only 1Gbps work when Hyper-V switch installed


  • Hello everyone,

    I created NIC team for 2 Giga NICs on my server and it shown 2Gbps well. But after I installed Hyper-V and created virtual switch, 2Gbps changed to 1Gbps. How can I solve it? Thanks.

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  • If the individual NICs are 1 Gbps, that is what you will get for any single IP connection.  When the system queries the individual NIC, as shown in your second image, the system is retrieving the value from the physical NIC.

    NIC teaming does not aggregate the speed of the individual NICs for any single IP connection.  For any IP connection you will receive a maximum throughput of 1 Gbps.  This means that if you are copying a single file, you will see a maximum of 1 Gbps throughput.  If you open a second IP connection from a different process, then NIC teaming will allow another 1 Gbps connection giving you a total throughput of 2 Gbps, but each individual connection will max out at 1 Gbps.


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  • Thanks Tim. But I couldn't understand well.

    Another server with 4 giga NIC team shows in 4Gbps. The only difference is no Hyper-V switch installed.

    Friday, March 31, 2017 9:16 AM
  • Hi,

    Using adapter teaming for the Hyper-V virtual switch improves performance for all virtual adapters in aggregate, not at an individual level.

    Below links may be helpful to have an further understanding, just for your reference.

    What is the Hyper-V Virtual Switch and how does it work:

    Please Note: Since the web site is not hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.

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