Vista Home Edition keeps freezing and then I have to restart RRS feed

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  • I'm so fed up. I have bought a Hp compaq presario from Best Buy mid April that just passed. It came with Windows Vista Home Edition. Everything had been fine until June I kept getting a message of "boot media please select boot drive or enter boot media and press any key."I had a problem where it kept freezing and it would reboot automatically. Then it got to the point where it would freeze and I had to reboot by holding the power button on and waited until it shut down. Then I would wait a few seconds and pressed the power button back on. It would say windows had been shut down incorrectly. Then it gives you the option of safe modes and start windows normally. I had used the recovery discs that I got from hp. It froze during the part where I was registering it. Then after the force shutdown with the power button and restarting and it was completed the hardrive was damaged. Hp sent me a new one. I put it in. installed the recovery disc. Everything went fine. The computer stays on for maybe an hour or more I leave it on overnight and by the time I wake up it's back at the welcome screen where you need to enter your password. And if I'm using it stays on for awhile and it freezes up and I have to press the powerbutton to shut it down. I had used the recovery disc already almost 3x's still the same problem. I'm fustrated and I need this computer for important things. Somebody told me that they think that it's a driver problem and that it could be possible that the recovery disc and even the first time that Hp installed the vista and their programs the orginally was installed may have been corrupted(a driver) or missing. Can anyone help me!! What should I do. Is anyone famillar to why this is happening. At first I was thinking the hard drive since it went that was the problem but now it's just as I mentioned. Can someone help!! Thanks,



    Monday, July 23, 2007 12:42 PM