DPM backup in Azure and storage comsumption RRS feed

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  • We have a hosting environment with alot ov different VM's and physical machines.

    There are alot of different cuctomers, that use a few vms each. 

    Everything is beeing backed up by DPM, and i am considering extending that backup using azure for DPM.

    I have seen  some questions about the lack of detailed reports and information on storage used by dpm in azure. So i was wondering how would you go about setting the cost for the end user, when backing this up to Azure.

    Since i can only see the total amount consumed by DPM in Azure i have no idea if one customers data is turning over really fast and eating storage, and the next customer is having only static files, and no significant growth.

    I thought i could separate different customers to different recovery service vaults, but DPM can only register to one at the time. So that wont help me, since i probably have 30-40 different customers on each DPM server.

    As of now i the only sollution i can see, is to charge with enough overhead to include potential growth, but im not sure what the data growth potentially could be in Azure as i dont have any history to derive estimates from. Especially datagrowth from the retention over several years.

    I could also just divide the total cost from azure over the different customers, but that would not look right, and will probably be unfair no matter what.

    Anyone doing this allready, or have any idea on how to set a price on this backup? Or are there ways to figure out details on actual data used, maby by powershell?

    Monday, May 29, 2017 11:37 AM