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    Was surprised (and happy) to learn of only 2 updates necessary for November.  At least that is what it says when you visit Microsoft's security site and the November Bulletin.




    So if there is only 2 updates, why in the world when I go visit www.windowsupdate.com do I get 16 needed updates between windows and office products for my machine running windows vista and office 2007?  All of which show a published date of today.  Yesterday at this same time, my machine needed no updates via windows update.  2 updates or 16 updates, which is it.  I for one am tired of having my weekend activities determined by Microsoft security!  Last month was an icky month when considering the fact they are supposed to come out with updates on Update Tuesday only but came out with something nearly weekly.


    Maybe I'm all wet here, but I think the folks at Microsoft posting information about monthly security bulletins need to communicate with those actually posting the updates I think...

    Tuesday, November 11, 2008 9:22 PM

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  • Curious:
    How many of those updates were actually listed as 'critical' (security) Windows updates, was one of them the regular Defender definition update, how many were listed as 'optional' updates, how may were drivers, and how many were for Office components?

    Wednesday, November 12, 2008 6:10 PM

    7 of the updates were rated important.  Out of those 7 important updates, 3 were for Vista, 3 were for office and 1 was the malicious software removal tool.  All others were rated as recommended and updated office products (I understand that these are not "security" related updates.)


    The 3 updates for vista (all released on Tuesday 11/11 were KB954459, KB955069, KB957097. 


    Our WSUS server is showing a total of 3 security updates for XP, 3 for Vista, and 2 for Windows Server 2003 along with 2 more critical security updates for XML core services all rated either critical or important.


    No matter where I look, it doesn't add up to 2 updates for November.



    Wednesday, November 12, 2008 7:30 PM