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    I'm having a serious problem that I need resolved immediately. I'm using some Group Policy settings to micromanage some tasks. If the user manages to trip a Restriction from the start menu or another process handled by Explorer.exe, a taskbar button is placed on the taskbar labeled as "Restrictions". The "Restrictions" taskbar button exhibits the exact same functionality as regular taskbar buttons, meaning if you right click on them, the context menu contains a reference to itself. Essentially, my GP settings are worthless because Explorer making itself available in this in the context menu. This allows the user to have access to some really painful things....Add/Remove programs for instance.

    I cannot express how frustrating this loop hole, as huge it is, does not seem to have a simple solution. I've already disabled context menus for the taskbar. This policy setting has no affect. Disabling JumpLists I need to restrict this functionality so that I can still allow my users to access approved programs from the Start bar. Disabling "Store and display recently opened items in the Start menu" and "Store and display recently items in the Start Menu and the Taskbar" does not work either.


    In short, I need to either suppress GP "Restriction" warnings from launching/appearing on the task bar OR I need to prevent access to circulatory entries on Jump Lists, either by removing the entry or preventing users from right-clicking and accessing context menus on taskbar buttons. Can this be done?

    One last thing, I've noticed that my GP setting preventing users from customizing the clock generates a Restrictions error but does not place a button for it on the Taskbar. Why is this?



    Thursday, July 8, 2010 8:05 PM