windows 7 start up sound change. RRS feed

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  • ok so i just got an Alienware m11x and its an awesome computer i really enjoy personalizing it. (note ive been using xp on the computer i had before this)anyway when i went to customize my start up and shutdown sound i found out i couldn't change the start up sound only turn it on and off.and im a little annoyed about it...

    Let me just say that if this is a marketing scheme of some sort to associate windows 7 with that sound its a terrible idea... i always preferred windows over mac because of the ability to work with the files and alter the computer and such... and the ability to personalize a lot, and even this mostly insignificant thing make me feel other wise. So if there is any mods that reply to this don't bother unless you are giving a real answer cause on all the other posts on this topic all i see is something like this "i am sorry i know that windows 7 has and unchangeable start up sound"... and also "we don't not recommend hacking your computer."

    i will not hack my new computer just for this because i don't want to mess it up but i really think it would be good if you guys would release a new update to change this you would make a lot of people happy. And what you did here does not improve the quality of windows 7 or vist but decreses that quality. otherwise t find windows 7 to be a great OS and also if there is some sort of program other than a hack to help me get this to change that would be great..

    Friday, December 31, 2010 2:44 AM