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    Starting up a new MS project for my company. I am trying to get the following info show up in the "Resource Usage" view on my master project:

    Resource Name    Project    Planned Hours used to date
    Bob                        ProjA              12
    Cindy                     ProjA               5
    Cindy                     ProjB               15

    I've got the first two columns, but for the last one, I am essentially looking for a given project, out of the total hours a resource was planning to use, how many should have been used based off of today's date. I don't want to have to put in any % completes or anything, just want a based off of today's date, how many hours should they have spent according to the plan we put in.

    Side issue: For the project, I am adding each project as a subproject in my master project. However, in this view, the project name shows up as the path link instead of the name, unless I have the project open, then it shows up with the correct name. Any idea how to bypass that issue? I don't want to have to open up 400 projects at a time to get this report to show up properly.

    Any help? 

    Thursday, November 10, 2016 7:33 PM

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  • It is pretty clear that these are not separate projects which require separate MSP files.

    These are "tasks". Better that you call them all task A, Task B, Task C etc, and put them all in one MSP file.

    What are their durations? Is it 12 hours, 5 hours and 15 hours?

    ...or perhaps the work is spread thin across longer durations, say 5 days, 5 days, 5 days?

    Do they all start at the same date/time?

    Are any of these tasks predecessors or successors of each other?

    You won't be able to work out how many hours are "used to date", which would more properly be called actual work in MSP world, unless you have durations, predecessors/successors, resource assignments, a status date set in project information, an actual start date/time, actual duration and actual work, meaning which hours on which days. Use the tracking table and the task usage view with actual work (right click on the grid, then select).

    Any help?

    Friday, November 11, 2016 1:06 AM
  • Hi Iflory11,

    Welcome to technet.  I see your two issues slightly differently, though there is not a good solution in any case.

    1. You want a quick report for the cumulative baseline work (in hours) by resource/project/task, measured as of a given cutoff date.  You want the cutoff date to be today's date, though the "Status Date" would be more typical. Unfortunately, Project won't give that to you out of the box.  The closest you can get is the Planned Valued - BCWS ("Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled") - essentially the cumulative baseline work multiplied by the applicable resource rate - which is available in the Resource Usage view (by assignment) and in the Earned Value Reports (by task or resource only, not by assignment).  It's possible to get a one-click version of what you want using vba, but my own method for years has been to copy a selected portion of the Task Usage table, paste it into Excel, and process/report everything (including cumulative roll-ups) from Excel.

    2.  Wow, 400 subprojects and who knows how many pooled resources all linked together under a single master project!  A) Give serious consideration to Trevor's advice - i.e. to consolidate your multiple projects into a single project file.  B) If continuing separate projects, then consider using Project Server - it's made for that situation. C) All inter-project links will eventually become corrupt, and much quicker in the absence of very strict file handling procedures.  Find Rod Gill and get hold of his macro (not free I would think) to automatically create un-linked multi-projects at report time. 

    Good luck, tom

    Friday, November 11, 2016 3:09 PM