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  • We have set up Windows Server Standard 2008 SP2 64-bit on a Dual Quad Core Xeon with 8 GB RAM.  The data drive (D: on the server) is RAID 5.  I have set up a folder called Home and added the users under that.  For my folder, I have full Security and Share permissions, but I see the following error when I try to create a folder or save a file:

    Destination Folder Access Denied; You need permission to perform this action

    Given that I have all possible permissions, what would cause this error?  My workstation is running Win7 64-bit and is connected to the domain.  As a side note, I also have NetWare client on my computer, so as to copy files from the old NetWare server to the new Windows server.  I just configured a new computer for the Marketing Director, which maps H: to her Home folder upon login.  She cannot create new folders or save files, and the security/sharing permissions are all checked on the server.  On another side note, I had a consultant here assisting with Group Policies and OU's.  Is it possible that the drive mappings are correct (as we can see our files and folders) but the GP has an error which blocks us from our own folders?

    Thank you.
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  • Hi,


    Although the NTFS and Share permission should be correct, I still recommend confirming the result before checking Group Policy.


    Here are 2 tools which can help us check permission settings. Please download ShareEnum and AccessEnum from the following links:


    ShareEnum v1.6



    ShareEnum utility can clearly list all the Share permissions with all the groups (including global groups and local groups) on the server.


    AccessEnum v1.32



    AccessEnum utility can clearly list all the NTFS permissions with all the groups (including global groups and local groups) on the server.


    2. Copy ShareEnum and AccessEnum utility to the problematic file server.


    3. ShareEnum.exe


    a. Double-click ShareEnum.exe.

    b. On the drop list of "ShareEnum displays security information on all shares accessible with the selected domain", select the domain that you want to list share permission.

    c. Click "Refresh" button to list all the Share path and Share permission in the console.

    d. Click "Export…" to save the report as a "share.txt" file.


    4. AccessEnum.exe


    a. Double-click AccessEnum.exe.

    b. Click "Directory…", you may select the directory of that shared folder in the "Browse for folder" dialog box.

    c. Click "Scan" button to enumerate all the NTFS permissions on the target directory or partition in the console.

    d. After enumeration, you may click "Save" to save the report as a "NTFS.txt" file.


    If possible, please send the share.txt and NTFS.txt to tfwst@microsoft.com for further analysis. Please keep the topic title and my name (Shaon) in email so that I can find it. Also please give me the name of that share folder in the mail.


    If issue is not related to these settings, I will provide steps to check Group Policy.

    Thursday, February 25, 2010 4:31 AM
  • I am encountering the exact same issue with a share created for our webserver. I have sent the same set of reports to Shaon in the hopes of resolving this soon.



    Thursday, July 29, 2010 6:25 PM